Recipes for Health

Concise Oxford Dictionary meaning for Recipe:
“Medical prescription or remedy prepared from it; statement of ingredients and procedure for preparing dish, device for effecting something.”

Prescriptions for Remedies.

>    Man nourished himself successfully for thousands of years, it wasn’t necessary to know what a vitamin was, or be able to pronounce the word “cholesterol”, let alone know what it meant. The culinary traditions of our ancestors and the food choices and preparation techniques of healthy non industrialised peoples, served the human body well.

>    The recipe section of this site is about these foods that were the basis for our good health and longevity in various traditional societies around the world and other information.  

>    We now live with a mix of tradition from many countries.  Modern food choices and preparation techniques have changed these food traditions, but it has not brought us freedom from disease.

>    My aim is to incorporate what we can use from the past into our techno age. Kitchen wizardry, time short families, and weakened genetics need help with health through family meals, fast meals, the children’s meals and for specific health issues:  weight loss and weight gain, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, heavy metal toxicity, liver health, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, depression, children’s behavioural issues (ADHD), and more.

>     I will add to these pages, and adapt recipes to what is available in our shops and markets to what we can feasibly do and afford, to help your food be as medicine for you and your family and the ones you love.

The following texts which will be among those used to bring Prescription Remedies otherwise known as "recipes" to you.

  • Nourishing Traditions:  Sally Fallon
  • Healing with Wholefoods: Paul Pritchard
  • Eat Right For Your Type: Peter D’Adamo
  • Nature Has a Remedy: Bernard Jensen.
  • The Liver Cleansing Diet: Dr Sandra Cabot
  • Food is Medicine: Pierre Jean Cousin
  • How Can I Use Herbs in my Daily Life: Isabell Shipard

Try, enjoy and share, Lesley