Once upon a time” is how fairy stories begin.  I want to tell you a story which is real and it begins with “once upon a time”.  It is about the GAPS (gut and psychology) program. Once upon a time we all ate in a similar way to what this program specifies.  There is nothing new under the sun; we are always finding old knowledge. And when it is knowledge that achieves extraordinary results we take notice.  

The GAPS program of eating and assisting with behaviour modifications is very successful for children, teenagers and adults who show autistic, ADHD and other behavioural tendencies from mild to the most severe. 


In November 2015 I attended a two day intensive program to learn the detail of GAPS protocol. I’m so glad I did. Most of what is promoted today as “healthy” for us is contrary to our body’s needs. This is obvious as the rates of cancer, heart, diabetes and all inflammatory diseases have escalated extraordinarily in the last 30 – 50 years. Our children’s poor mind and body health is the result of their parent’s education on “healthy” eating by the authorities who have agendas to fulfil. And there is the continued promotion of foods as “healthy” which are not healthy at all along with the demonization of genuinely healthy foods.

Knowledge has been lost, and needs to be re-found and reinstated to enable the next generation to thrive. 

The knowledge has been re-found in the work of Natasha Campbell-McBride, a UK Doctor, Neurologist and Nutritionist.  Her son was an autistic child. She sought answers through many health sectors without results.  She researched and found old knowledge, refined, improved and applied it and today has a fully functioning son. That knowledge has been produced in a way that all who want and need to learn and implement it can do so. The book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”, natural treatment for autism, dyspraxia, A.D.D., A.D.H.D. dyslexia, depression and Schizophrenia  was published in 2004. Today GAPS information and education is available worldwide. 


It’s interesting because the use of the flesh and fats of animals and fish is the major curative factor in the GAPS protocol.  This restores the micro biome and the gastrointestinal tract which then feeds and repairs the mind so it can function efficiently.  The last 30 – 50 years of medical media has instructed us all in western society to not eat animal fats and meats and to substitute chemically extracted plant fats and eat faux proteins such as soy.


It was so encouraging to learn that the created human body will live very well on the consumption of foods only from living animals for many years. In fact some of the severe cases of autism it is necessary to eat only these foods, especially the nourishment than comes from boiling the flesh and bones in water for long periods of time and consuming it constantly. Eggs butters and fermented milks also feature as major curative items.


These are the foods of yore!!  These are the foods of biblical times. These are the ultimate healing foods.  And because we are so damaged, there is a procedure to deal with the damage (toxic matter in the cells, antagonistic intestinal flora and environmental interference) that must be understood and followed to ensure healing success.  Healing may take weeks, months or years dependant on the person’s presenting state of health.   


This is the GAPS program, which gives us (as practitioners) solid foundational knowledge and procedures to implement to ensure excellent outcomes for clients and their families. From March 2016 I will be fully set up to administer the GAPS program. Please contact for all information.