Food and Health


     All credible advice on foods for humankind generally is to eat foods before they are processed, are grown in nutrient rich soil, from the area in which one lives, swum in unpolluted waters, and the animals are allowed to free range on healthy pasture. The food produced, then may have the nutrition needed to regenerate healthy cells.
    However, this advice, while commonsense and highly recommended is not necessarily right for everyone to eat all the foods fulfilling these criteria.  There are specifics within this paradigm. We all know someone who doesn’t like to eat red meat, who doesn’t like grain cereals for breakfast and would prefer bacon and eggs or loves oats and can’t stomach an egg at that time and so on.
     The Blood Type Diets set out the physiological, biochemical reason for these likes and dislikes, the ability to digest or not digest certain foods along with weight loss, stress exercise and personality profiles.  Relativity to your ancestry, i.e. African, Caucasian, and Asian is included in this knowledge.
    I began using this “diet” as the basis of food recommendations for clients in 2002. Here was a biochemically, science based diet that people could easily follow, with no calorie counting and people intuitively wanting to eat the foods relative to their blood type, enabling excellent compliance and results.
    Here is an example of how application of the blood group diets as set out in the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” worked for one of my clients.

Case Study:
Female, 32 years, elite athlete, presenting with concern re energy levels and weight gain.  She was accustomed to intense training and the only time she lost weight was when she stopped training, stopped playing hockey (an intense aerobic sport) and when she had her children. This was a mystery for her as she was focused on moving the body at high intensity, having taken on board the advice of intense exercise for cutting fat and to increase energy and performance.  She was also loading with protein shakes, made on whey derived from cows milk which is an avoid food for A’s.
    As an  A type I advised a carbohydrate focused diet with gentler exercise, her whole body relaxed and began to take up nutrients and her body weight fell by a couple of kilos in a matter of weeks.  Her A type personality required relaxing exercise. She now understood why she felt so good and lost weight when she had her children and was not on an intensive exercise program. The food change allowed her to begin to digest efficiently and not store undigested foods as fat and achieve a natural weight loss without effort. 

     As with all systems that are developed by man for man, there are always exceptions to the rule. I do caution clients and others to use this as a guide and to not eat the foods listed in “avoid” as a regular part of the diet.  The stress of trying to avoid all the “avoid” foods may be more stressful to the mind and body than eating small amounts from time to time, especially when a dish is made with many ingredients.  However, anyone with a life threatening or debilitating disease is advised to follow all recommendation.  In some cases “highly beneficial” foods may not be a type of food that is readily available or is so over processed that it may not be beneficial in its processed state.
    An example of this is soy milk and cheese, listed as “highly beneficial” for O blood groups. In all my research on soy foods, fermented soy foods are the only form we ought to eat.  Fermented soy comes as miso, tamari (soy sauce without wheat) and Tempe. The fermentation process breaks down the toxins and also supports our organs of digestion.  Soy milks and cheeses are highly processed, unfermented, packaged in foil or plastic and Ultra Heat Processed (UHT). It is far from being a fresh, natural, whole food. This form of food was not available to us in the past and we were healthier then as a race than we are today.  I don’t see the need to include this food as a necessary part of our daily diet.  
    Interestingly, I have not had many clients say they really enjoy soy milk.  People drink it because they believe it is healthy for them because it is promoted as “healthy” by the soy industry.  The soy bean, along with corn, canola and cotton, are genetically modified now. Buy certified organic fermented soy bean foods, which are not sourced from GM beans if soy is liked. Certified organic whole soy bean milk is available.


*Programs advising to eat according to nutritional or metabolic type produce and option of three types:  protein, carbohydrate or mixed:  These three types correlate to the blood types O (Protein), A(Carbohydrate), B and AB (Mixed).  Doing the questionnaires to determine your nutritional or metabolic type will identify you accordingly and you will find that the recommendations for protein types, for example, will recommend similar foods as devised by the Blood Type protocol.  However the blood type foods will further define the most health regenerating and identify those which are to be avoided for the biochemical reasons as outlined in Dr J D’Adamo books and literature.

*Personality and exercise are taken into account
*Whole foods recommended- only basic processed foods (breads) are listed.  
*Blood is the only differing factor in the human body.
*Physiologically scientifically validated
* Health Protocols are available which incorporate not only the foods, but the supplements, herbs, lifestyle for most disease states.  While these are not recommended to override medical direction, they may form an excellent treatment plan for naturopathic clinic work.   See “Eat Right For Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopaedia” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo.  Refer website    

Take Care of yourself and those you love by eating Right For Your Type.