Australian Naturopathic Practitioner Association.  Professional body for registration of Naturopaths with Health Funds and TGA license to practice.
Shopping for goods that are ethically and environmentally produced with info on where to buy and why.
Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering.  This is a must visit website for everyone in Australia, especially to include guys.  And Mothers do this type of work well, don’t we!
The information on this DVD which is available for purchases to show in your town or neighbourhood.  Australian Professor Ian Brighthope has contributed to this and it’s relevant even more so here in Australia than anywhere.
Getting hens out of cages. Buying guide to barn laid and genuine free range eggs.  .
Australian Spirulina grown in the Northern Territory - pure and our own. Buy Australian, it’s good for us.
Top tips on how to avoid food waste, recipes, excellent site.  Want to “ban the bag”, go here to do your bit.
This is a farmer to plate method of distributing fresh fruit, veg, dairy, meat and other whole foods in Cairns.  Certified organic to pesticide free foods, all picked the week they are supplied within a short distance of Cairns.
Australian pumpkin seeds and the oil and fibre.  Great foods for the prostate and for all of us! Grown in Australia, not China. Deep green fresh seeds, taste great.
Lilydale chemical free, free range chicken, no antibiotics or growth promoting antibiotics. Product available supermarkets IGA, Coles.
Australian kelp collected from the sea at Narooma NSW.  Sun dried and made into meal, the best for iodine content and all the 84 minerals that are in sea vegetable & water. Great taste to sprinkle on foods and cooking daily. Support Australian harvested products.
Do you have a life long health problem or do you have a life threatening disease – cancer, diabetes, heart condition and so on.  Do you want to detox, get off drugs, smoking, or other addictive concerns.  Do you just want to increase the vitality of your life!! And you do not want to go the chemical way.  Go this way.  Living Valley Springs, just outside Noosa Queensland is the premier natural health hospital in Australia.  Naturopaths, herbal pharmacy, heavy metal testing, qualified compassionate care and consideration, 24hour supervision of your needs, education and love unending.
This organisation puts out a publication that tells us what companies are GE free, going GE free and those that won’t and what is happening with GE in Australia. Plus information on those that are owned by overseas corporations etc.  Be informed and buy Australian and non GE where we can.
Website for the increasingly popular chemical decoder book, written by an Australian about Australian and overseas chemicals which overload our food and personal care products. This is an essential resource for anyone serious about the health of themselves and their family.
An excellent site for Mums with bubs to explore all the help that is available outside of the medical world.
Scenar Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, most requested therapist on the WTA tours.  A highly recommended Brisbane therapist whose site contains lots of information and testimonials.
Nutritional medicine is Orthomolecular Medicine.  This website is a huge resource and the newsletter brings comment on current issues that have had controversial media attention.
This site takes you to the agents for D’adamo products and property for Australia and New Zealand.  Australians can purchase direct from this site.
The main website for the Blood Type Diet information.  This site is a comprehensive and excellent resource for anyone contemplating using the Blood Type foods that are right for their type, anyone already using this protocol and would like to know or do more.
This site provides comprehensive history of all cultures around the world and the foods that built their bodies and minds.  Comprehensive information on today’s threats to health of body and mind, and how to overcome them and be well.  A great research site.  


There are more, there is always more, but sometimes less is best.   I will add and adjust as I explore this wonderful world.   

Enjoy, have fun and remember that laughter is the best medicine after all.