About Me and Why I Became a Natural Health Practitioner

Lynches Creek has its beginnings in the McPherson Ranges which span the border between Queensland and New South Wales.  The creek opens out to a beautiful valley floor very suited for farming.  It is in this pristine place in northern New South Wales that I grew up and the place I call home. 



My interest in dealing with health from a natural perspective began when I was thirty.  I refused medication for arthritis symptoms and searched for other solutions. In that search, I uncovered a wealth of information on what creates a healthy mind, body and soul.  As a means of correcting the health problems I had at that time, I chose a method of healing that is similar to “detox’ systems we use in the natural health profession today. I used short fasts, ate raw and steamed vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, eliminated processed and animal foods, and utilised the healing power of water, sun and the earth. Daily sun baths, lying on the earth, walking on sand, and in the sea and swimming for exercise was part of the program.


My arthritis disappeared, along with excess weight, lethargy and pain. I maintained a vegetarian lifestyle for twenty five years, with nothing eaten from a box, a can, a plastic wrap and no flesh meats.

*  I don’t use a microwave oven, do not know how to and will not have one in my home. 

*  I have filtered my drinking and cooking water since the late 1970’s. I believe that this is a contributing factor to my good health with no arthritis to this day. 

*  I continue to prepare my food from fresh ingredients, with 90% of the diet being certified organic fresh whole foods. 

*  For thirty five years, I have taken no medical drugs (an antibiotic here and there) addressing my health issues naturally with naturopathic, chiropractic, herbalist and acupuncture care. 

*  I believe regular therapeutic massage is an excellent preventative and curative therapy and use it to keep well.

*  The Blood Type protocol (Eat Right 4 Your Type) was introduced to Australia about the time I began eating meats again. I started with certified organic meats and do so now.  The concept that the only differing factor between us as created beings in God’s image is the chemical difference in our blood, is of deep interest to me. Working with this paradigm over so many years has brought me to a point where a person’s blood type may be determined by food choices. “Eating for your metabolic or nutritional type” uses a similar paradigm and using your blood type as a guide is an excellent way to determine your Nutritional Type.


I had my own Naturopathic clinic in Cairns and Brisbane before buying into Margate Health Foods on the Redcliffe Peninsula in 2002. This was the result of a life long dream of owning and managing my own health food store. I went into this with a goal of moving the business into the local shopping centre, to bring chemical free foods and natural health treatments into the mainstream marketplace. 

*   Go Vita Margate Health and Organic Food Store was a Quest Small Business Award winner in 2007.

*  During my time as business owner in Margate, I spent a term as a director on the Margate Bendigo Community bank. 

*  In April 2007, I initiated an environmental program “Green Margate”, encompassing many businesses in the CBD. This was to promote the area as a climate friendly destination shopping centre

*   After five and half intensive years I had achieved the purpose as this business was now in the local shopping centre and I returned to clinic practice. 

*  In November 2009 I moved to Cairns to be closer to family and grandchildren. Dealing with health naturally is my passion and the work in Cairns is providing another aspect to this intensive interest.

*  I have always written a newsletter and natural health articles for publication wherever I have worked. While at North Lakes I contributed a weekly column “Its Only Natural” presenting general health informatin from the natural health perspective. 


Treating the person, not the disease, with a focus on food, supplemental super foods, and medicinal herbs for clients is paramount for a successful treatment program.  I also refer clients on to practitioners in tactile and other therapies, medical doctors and Scenar therapy as needed.

I am a passionate advocate for organic farming and foods without chemicals, certified organic foods as well as keeping chemicals off the body.  The ever increasing rates of disease are challenging for any working health professional and the knowledge of medical drugs has become a necessity. 

The advent of the internet and unqualified information overload, now sees the qualified health professional being interrogated by the client!  However, more and more people are becoming aware and are seeking knowledge and answers in practical ways, wanting to know how to cook whole foods, where they can get information that makes common sense and when implemented will keep disease from their families.


This is where I sit among the many who have taken the natural health professional path.  I am an information junkie on all that is natural, and good for your body, your mind and your spirit.  The internet has made available to all a complexity of ideas and information and we can be confused and not sure which direction to take. For  your interest, information and for your consideration, I may write contrary to what is promoted to be good for you, if I can see through research and practice that it isn’t. 

I look forward to sharing with you what may be of help to you and your family in your journey to prevent sickness, enhance your health and to stay well.

Lesley Parker
Naturopathy, Nutrition, Health Care, Eating Plans

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